Curriculum and Resource Committee

Thursdays, 8:00 - 10:00 AM, KC Alumni Conference Room

2016-2017 Members

  • Bille Wickre (3), Chair (fall semester)
  • Nels Christensen (1)
  • Claudia Diaz (3)
  • Alli Harnish (2)
  • Ola Olapade (3)
  • David Seely (2)
  • Peter Valdina (3)
  • Midori Yoshii (1)

Course Change Subcommittee

  • Bindu Madhok, Chair
  • Drew Dunham
  • Sheila Lyons-Sobaski
  • Maureen Balke
  • Tammy Jechura
  • John Woell

Course change forms should be submitted through the portal available on the Course Change Committee site under the appropriate category.

Please, be sure to fill the form below out completely before uploading to the website.

docCourse Change Form (also available on the CCC Moodle Site)

Spring Semester Course Change Deadline: 

When preparing your proposal, please make sure that:

  1. You have checked with the Registrar's Office and obtained an appropriate course number;
  2. If your course proposal contains prerequisites other than existing courses (e.g., if it requires junior-level standing), please check with the Registrar's Office on how they will handle this issue;
  3. Your course title does not exceed 29 characters;
  4. For new courses, you include minutes from the departmental meeting at which the course was approved; and
  5. You send a paper copy of the proposal to the Course Change Committee Chair with your chair's signature.

Mode subcommittees

Send proposals to to the appropriate subcommittee chair.

Category Subcommittees

docCategory Criteria and all Forms

Send proposals to to the appropriate subcommittee chair.

  • Environmental Studies = Dale Kennedy
  • Ethnicity Studies & Gender Studies = Deborah Kanter
  • Global Studies = Emmanuel Yewah