Environmental Science Concentration

Bonnet Carré Spillway during a flood, as seen on CSE's Louisiana trip.
Bonnet Carré Spillway during a flood, as seen on CSE's Louisiana trip.

Some environmental careers are practiced primarily in one field of science. Students interested in pursuing such careers should consider the option of a science major with an environmental science concentration. It is strongly advised that students talk with science faculty in choosing their option.


Core: A major in biology, chemistry, geology, mathematics, mathematics/physics, or physics and six additional courses as described below:

  • Four science courses in two sciences outside the student’s major including two or three units in one science and one or two in another. Only two courses can be at the introductory level, which means they lack prerequisites. Courses are to be selected from the list below and in consultation with the concentration director and the student’s major department. It is possible to substitute other upper-level science courses, depending on the interests of the student.
    • Biology 195, 215, 216, 225, 227, 237, 332, 240, 365
    • Chemistry 121,123, 200, 206, 211, 212, 337, 327 (1/2 unit)
    • Geology 101, 202, 205, 208, 211, 216, 306, 307, 311
    • Mathematics and Computer Science 209, 141, 143, 171, 173, 210
    • Physics 115, 116, 167, 168
  • ENVN 220
  • One unit selected from the “Society and Culture” or “Language, Idea and Image” lists in the environmental studies major or one additional upper-level science course not in the student’s major.

Experiential requirements:

  • Attendance at a series of seminars each semester. In these, students who completed internships the previous semester will report on them, and other items of general interest, such as graduate schools and careers, will be discussed.
  • An environmental research project, service project or internship. Students should have prior approval of the concentration director, and must make a presentation in the seminar and submit a paper summarizing the experience