University of Aberdeen, Aberdeen, Scotland

Subjects: Full curriculum. (the latest edition of the Aberdeen Catalogue of Courses is available on the web at

Prerequisites: 3.0 GPA; junior-level standing; demonstrated maturity.

Length: Semester or Academic Year

Full-year students follow the Aberdeen academic-year calendar for vacations and exams. CREDIT: 8.0 units per year--determined by program director's recommendation. One semester of study is possible; please check the credit value of courses you are taking so that your credit adds up to a minimum of 3 units.

Faculty: Regular University of Aberdeen faculty.

Housing: University housing.

Costs not covered by Albion: Round trip airfare to Aberdeen. The program fee does not include board; that cost varies according to whether you eat hall food or cook for yourself. In addition students will need money for books, weekday lunches, laundry, entertainment, and two long vacations during the school year: 3 weeks at Christmas and 3 weeks during spring.

Faculty Advisor: Bille Wickre, Bobbitt Visual Arts

Comments: Founded in 1495, the university has a student body of about 5,000. A full curriculum is offered, and includes especially strong offerings in the physical sciences as well as the humanities and social sciences. Fall semester will go beyond Christmas break and end two weeks into January. To attend Fall semester, students can sit for exams/do additional work before the winter break begins on December 21 in order to return to Albion for the start of Spring semester. The only problem with one semester stays at Aberdeen is that the psychology offerings to majors (the 3000 level psychology courses) are still closed to second semester entry.

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