1990s Graduates

Martha Carey '90 recently began a Ph.D. program at the Institute of Liberal Arts in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences of Emory University.  Martha's studies build on her years spent working in Africa with Doctors Without Borders.  Specifically, she hopes to study post-conflict Sierra Leone to understand the role of the War Crimes Tribunal and the Truth and Reconciliation Commission compared to local institutions that normally decide guilt and punishment. 

Leigh Willis '97; is an Assistant Professor of sociology at the University of Georgia where he has taught since 2003. His teaching and research specializations are in the sociology of medicine and race & ethnicity. He has published articles about health disparities between African Americans and white, and on both mental health use and sexual risk for African Americans.

Chris O'Neil '98  is working on her Ph.D. in sociology at the Colorado State University and is currently teaching a course on The Leisure Society. Her dissertation is on the impact of global forces on local and regional development. She expects to finish her work in the summer of 2004. You can reach her here.

Sarah Walbridge '98 received an M.S. in forensic science from Michigan State University in 2002. She now works as a research microscopist at Microtrace in Chicago. Recently, Sarah testified in her first case and was featured in a local newspaper in Chicago. At Albion, Sarah double-majored in anthropology and chemistry. She was awarded honors in anthropology for her thesis on women athletes.

Julie Darnton '99 left her position as a Residence Director at the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy to enter the Ph.D. program in Sociology and Urban Studies at Michigan State. She is working with Dr. June Thomas of the Department of Urban and Regional Planning as a research assistant gathering data on mixed income neighborhoods in Grand Rapids.  She is looking forward to an academic career at a fine liberal arts college in the future. Hmmm? You can reach her here.

Amy LaChance '99 has joined Neighborhood Housing Services of Chicago as a Program and Policy Associate where she will direct the NHS's Neighborhood Report Card project. She expects to complete her Master's Degree in Urban Planning and Policy at University of Illinois, Chicago this May (2003). You can reach Amy here.

Lisa Leitz '99 left the Ph.D. program in sociology at The Ohio State University to finish her degree at the University of California, Santa Barbara. In the fall of 2000, Lisa was the Assistant Director of the Great Lakes Jerusalem Program under Len Berkey. Lisa's current work explores various dynamics of girls who fight and mothers who have committed infanticide while affected with post-partum depression. Lisa expects to finish her degree in the spring of 2005.

Britt Halvorson '99 is a graduate student in the MA/PhD program in cultural anthropology at the University of Michigan, where she is affiliated with the Center for the Ethnography of Everyday Life. At Albion, Britt was a double major in anthropology and English and was awarded honors for her thesis in anthropology.