2000's Graduates

Julie Darnton '99 is working on her Ph.D in Urban Studies at Michigan State University.

Jocelin Herron '99 obtained her MSW in 2001 from The University of Michigan and is currently an executive with KIPP Schools.

Lisa Leitz '99 completed her Ph.D in sociology in 2009 at University of California, Santa Barbara and is now teaching at Hendrix College.

Erik Love '01 is finishing his dissertation on Arab American social movements at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Heather Mustonen '01 worked after graduating as an archaeological technician for the National Park Service at the Southeast Archaeological Center in Tallahassee, Florida. She traveled throughout the Southeast doing archaeological fieldwork in National Parks. She is currently completing an M.A. in anthropology at Michigan State University.

Linda Myers '01 wasn't an anthropology major but took a lot of courses in our department. She is currently loving medical school at the University of Pennsylvania in Hershey. She is hoping to organize an international research project this summer.

Tonya Zimmerman '01, graduated 2004 from Temple University with a   Master of Arts in Urban Studies. While at Temple her research focused on Community Development Corporations, specifically New Song Urban Ministries and Community Building in Partnership in the Sandtown-Winchester neighborhood of Baltimore. She also worked as a Teaching Assistant. In the Fall of 2004 she will begin a PhD program in Policy Sciences at University of Maryland Baltimore County where she will specialize in Urban Policy and also work as a Research Assistant.

Caroline Cangelosi '02 completed her M.PH program at University of California, Berkeley.

Ayako Eda '02 is enrolled in the Master's Program in International Development at Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts. She received a fellowship from Clark to support her studies, and she intends to use her degree to aid women's development efforts in less developed societies, particularly in India where she attended high school.

Erin Harrelson '02 is living in Monument Valley on the Navajo Reservation as a VISTA (Volunteer in Service to America) worker as part of Americorps. She works in the elementary school on oral language assessment.

Casmir Kethlhalefile '02 returned to his native Botswana after graduation where he has been responsible for several projects of archaeological resource assessment. He has formed the first private cultural resource management company in Botswana, and has been active in writing cultural resource management guidelines.

Laura Siebert '03 is making good use of her combined major in anthropology and Spanish by doing disaster relief training in San Juan, Puerto Rico, as a member of Americorps and as a Red Cross volunteer.

Alyssa Montgomery '04 was admitted to the Ph.D program in sociology at Northwestern University.

Ayesha Ghazi '06 will receive her MSW from The University of Michigan this spring of 2010.

Meagan Burton-Krieger '07 received her MA in Higher Ed Administration from the U of Vermont in 2009. 

Carolyn Jacques '07 received her MDiv from Boston University in 2009.

Matti Smith '07 received her MSW from The University of Michigan in 2009.

Paige Edwards '08 completed her MA in anthropology from Western Michigan University and has recently accepted a management position with the Institute of Reading Development a company working with kids and adults on developing reading and reading skills.

Amy Krieg, '08 is in law school at California Western School of Law in San Diego
Chad Best '07 is currently in law school (Detroit Mercy) and received an MPA from the U. of M.-Flint.

Anneliese Breugal ‘09 has begun a Ph.D. program in bioarchaeology Michigan State University.

Kyle Kubitz ‘09 works for Valassis Communications Inc., a marketing company using his GIS skills daily to create innovative maps of consumer behavior and preference, similar to those he employed in his Elkin Isaac project mapping ancient archaeological sites.

Beth Sylak ‘09 will be joining the Historical Administration MA program at Eastern Illinois University.

Sarah Wenner ‘09 works for Franklin Fueling Systems as a Market Analyst in Madison, Wisconsin where she is “unsurprised to find that having a Anthropology background is a good commodity to have in the global business community.”

Katie Meier ‘10 has been admitted to the Master's Program in Non-Profit Management at Indiana University.