Finance Major

Finance is a professional business major designed to prepare you for a career in various disciplines of finance. Finance consists of managing money, whether for individuals, institutions, organizations or other areas. Majoring in finance will lead you to learn about how money works, and about financial instruments, stocks, bonds and the markets. This information will then allow you to determine important information and advice for institutions regarding the management of their finances. An understanding of financial concepts and practices along with the knowledge of the instruments and participants in financial markets is essential to sound decision-making.

Building a Foundation for a Career in Finance

Albion’s courses in finance provide an excellent foundation for those interested in financial planning, commercial banking, and investment banking, and for national certification examinations including the National Association of Securities Dealers Series 7 stockbroker’s license exam and the Chartered Financial Analyst exams. Our finance curriculum includes relevant aspects of economic theory that deepen student’s understanding of financial markets and financial management. Students often take additional course work in accounting and math to enhance their preparation for a career in finance.

Many of our majors find jobs in finance departments of firms, investment banks, consulting firms, commercial banks, credit unions, mutual funds, and other kinds of financial institutions; or in government or some kind of charitable organization.

Investment club

Students manage an investment portfolio, buying and selling real stocks. Profits are used to fund a scholarship for E&M majors. Investment Club members take an annual trip to Chicago to meet Albion alumni working in finance.