Sally A. and Forrest W. Heaton Endowed Scholarship in Literature (First- or Second-Year Students)

This endowed scholarship is designated for a first- or second-year female student with an interest in literature. Sally Ann MacArthur & Forrest Heaton met as students at Albion in 1958. They were married in Albion's Chapel, 27 August, 1960. They shared two years of dating at Albion and thirty-seven grand years of marriage. Sally died 23 February, 1997. The family set up this endowment in memory of Sally, to honor her strong interest in literature—particularly Shakespeare and Twain, to express their appreciation to Albion for the educational foundations provided to Sally & Forrest, and to assist Albion students in their securing their own educational foundations.

Awardees include:

  • 2016 - Marley Guy
  • 2015 - Emily Allison
  • 2014 - Emily Miller
    "I am the first member of my immediate family to be awarded a scholarship like this, and my parents and siblings were thrilled at my accomplishment."
  • 2013 - Emma Stapley
    "Your generosity will serve a constant reminder of the joy and peace that literature has always and will always inspire in me."
  • 2012 - Megan Connolly
    "This award has also strengthened my resolve to make literature and writing a part of my future career… it has given me confidence to pursue the thing that I have wanted to pursue for so long but was too afraid to really go after."
  • 2011 - Keegan Mogg
  • 2010 - Emily Hopkins
  • 2009 - Christin Spoolstra
  • 2008 - Kristin Butler
  • 2007 - Melissa Bailey
  • 2006 - Angela Zito
  • 2005 - Kathryn Berger
  • 2004 - Kristy Clement
  • 2003 - Jennifer Paine
  • 2002 - Rebekah Beall
  • 2001 - Karin Heffel
  • 2000 - Amber Buck and Laura Kraly
  • 1999 - Bethany Buchholz