Math Meets Art in Student's FURSCA Project

Liliya Chernysheva, ‘19
"I have always been interested in both sciences and arts, but I could never find a way of combining my two passions," writes Liliya Chernysheva, '19. "Choosing just one path always seemed to me like a terrible mistake. So it was great, this past summer, to work with math professor Dave Reimann on a mathematical art research project."

First Keith Moore Math Competition Equals Success

Albion College sign
Students from six different high schools in southern Michigan got a day off from school in May to compete in Albion College's first W. Keith Moore Math Competition. The students competed both as individuals and teams, with pencil-and-paper quizzes and even a math scavenger hunt that took them across campus.

Mark Bollman's Math Seminars Are a Real Gamble

Mark Bollman, professor of mathematics, Albion College
Over the years, Mark Bollman has taught just about everything that involves numbers. But the professor of mathematics enjoys doing even more than that. He has researched new card games, tested theories of probability, created eight-side dice and even written a textbook about his new favorite subject, gambling, called Basic Gambling Mathematics: The Numbers Behind the Neon. "Gambling has been my primary interest for five years," says Bollman. "I've always had an interest in elementary probability."

Szocinski, '16, Looks Back on Year of Mathematics in Budapest

Tim Szocinski
"Hungarians generally don't own clothes dryers, and the currency is different; 250 florints is one dollar," says Tim Szocinski, '16. "But I don't think Budapest is too much different from cities in the U.S. I wouldn't know for sure because I never lived in a big city before." Given his reason for being in Hungary—studying pure mathematics through an international program at McDaniel College in Budapest—Szocinski's easygoing approach to what many might see as stressful isn't surprising.

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