Current Honors Students

elcome! This page serves as the home for all current undergraduates on track to earn Albion College Honors or Departmental Honors . In this area, you will find information regarding events and requirements that specifically address your needs. Honors now has a Facebook page - join us today!

Fall 2016 Events  

  • Honors Council - Tuesdays @ 6:00pm
  • Paintball Trip - Sunday, September 18
  • Haunted House/Ice Cream Parlour - Wednesday, Oct. 19
  • Trivial Pursuit - Students vs. Professors - TBA
  • Chicago Trip - Saturday, October 22
  • Dance & Dessert - Friday, November 11
  • Midnight Dessert - Last day of classes - Friday, December 2nd


  • DSP Dinner Reception - TBA
  • Ski / Snowboard / Tubing Trip - TBA
  • Cultural Trip??  TBA
  • Note Writing to Prospects - TBA
  • Elkin Isaac / Honors Convocation - Thursday, April 22
  • Midnight Dessert - TBA
  • Honors Face Book Page - Join us today!


Heather Conner ‘18
My friend Jennifer Neilson and I are working on expanding the bike rental program on campus.    We are going to meet with city hall to see if we could get a donation or other help to add bikes to the schools fleet, put up more bike racks, get a shop in town where we can buy parts and have tools that everyone can use for repairs, and a place to put the bikes during the winter so they don't break or rust. 

Stephanie Thurner ‘18
This summer I begin my FURSCA project with Dr. Kennedy -  I will be studying parental feeding and post-fledging behavior patterns of juvenile House Wrens.  Each nest cup will contain an iButton™ a temperature data logger - to test these predictions, I will monitor parental feeding at nests and follow juvenile birds after leaving their nests at the Whitehouse Nature Center.

Andrew Mattson ‘17
My current project is examining American race relations in the cultural context of sports in the late 19th century. I am focusing on the sports-themed subset of the Currier & Ives’ racist “Darktown Comics,” specifically those featuring horse-racing and boxing. Through this analysis, I hope to foster awareness of continued racism and the recognition that although slavery had been abolished, that reality did not eliminate a widespread belief in black inferiority

Christopher Herweyer ‘17
I am working on a research paper detailing the perceived threat to the monarchy under Queen Victoria in the 1860s. I've been using primary sources from Victorian-era newspapers and some secondary sources, namely biographies of Victoria from as early as 1901 and as recent as several years ago.  

Alena Farooq ‘18
I'm the Wellness Intern which means that I work with the committee heads to plan and organize committee meetings and other events that they'd like to do, like bringing in hospital representatives for free check-ups, and setting up different clubs to get people to be more active (walking club, rowing club, running club). I also had the chance to plan my own events based on suggestions from the committee heads, like the Biggest Winner competition (which you know all about!), and had a lot of fun planning our Wellness Fair by finding vendors, compiling all the information about vendors so that all the committee members had access to it, and then managing it with the committee on the day of.

Becca Barry ‘18
I'm studying sociology, economics, and philosophy. So far I've traveled to 4 different countries through Albion and 8 states. I love traveling and studying different types of people. I'm a reporter for Albion as well as Campus Chairperson of Global Brigades, and member of Delta Gamma. I also work in admissions as an event coordinator for the Distinguished Scholars Program. When I'm not involved on campus, I reach out to the community and work to get involved in the City of Albion. I'm always looking to get involved and meet new people!

Kathleen Casebeer – ‘17
I'm currently finishing up a two year research project on the history of the study of chemistry at Albion College. I'll be presenting this research in a talk next week at the Elkin Isaac Research Symposium. This summer, I'll be staying at Albion and taking on a FURSCA project. I'll be researching and creating online entries to contribute to the Map of Early Modern London (MoEML). MoEML is a large digital humanities project centered on an interactive online map created from woodblock prints of London circa 1561. 

CiCi Cannoy ‘ 17
Right now I am conducting a study to see if there is a link between parent-child relationships and fear of intimacy. I've been working on collecting data and plan on working with this idea more in depth in the future. I would like to eventually explore links between these two ideas and attachment tendencies, and find out if the opposite sex parent relationships have a bigger effect than same sex parent relationships. I am pretty excited to see what conclusions I draw!


Honors at Glasgow University

The Prentiss M Brown College Honors Program now offers a unique study abroad opportunity in conjunction with the University of Glasgow, Scotland. The University of Glasgow was founded in 1451 and is an internationally recognized institution with prestigious programs in the sciences and humanities.

The Honors semester at Glasgow University will allow you to complete an Honors course elective, "The Ideas and Influences of the Scottish Enlightenment: 18th to the 21st Centuries."

The University of Glasgow has created a unique course for our Honors students. Using major figures and ideas from the Scottish Enlightenment, Honors students will see how those ideas continue to be important in intellectual and cultural life in the 21st century. Interdisciplinary perspectives from art/aesthetics, religion, philosophy, politics/economics, and science will inform this course. The institutional model is the traditional Oxbridge model of public lectures and small group seminars. Leading scholars will provide over-arching ideas in the public lectures, which are then further developed through discussion in small group seminars/tutorials.

Take an additional 2-3 courses in your major or minor

The University of Glasgow has both breadth and depth in most undergraduate majors. Science, pre-med, and pre-vet Honors students will have access to a sophisticated range of disciplines and courses. Fine and liberal arts majors as well as business will have an exciting variety of course options. All Honors at Glasgow students will have access to level 3 and some level 4 courses not usually available to other study abroad students.

More unique opportunities for Honors at Glasgow:

  • Chance to study at an internationally recognized university
  • Be a member of a unique "Honors at Glasgow" program
  • Special cultural immersion events for Honors students both inside and outside the classroom
  • Possibility of service learning or internships
  • Meeting some of the 3,000 other international students from 24 countries around the world
  • Meeting, becoming friends with Honors students from our consortium member institutions in the U.S.
  • Travel in the U.K. and the European continent
  • Living in a "different" but accessible culture

Honors students may enroll either for fall or spring term through International Programs.

All scholarships and federal loans apply toward tuition. Albion tuition and room charges apply plus an off campus administrative fee of $1,300 per term.

Here are a couple of notes that students sent us about the program:

Dear Renee,
I've been at the University of Glasgow for a little over a month now, and I just wanted to write to thank Albion Honors  for making the Principia Consortium program available to myself and other honors students. I couldn't have chosen a better way to spend my semester! I love living in Glasgow, and my Scottish Enlightenment class offers a great taste of Scottish history and culture. It's a really valuable class that I'm grateful to have the opportunity to take. We've gone on two field trips as a class, and I've met some great people.
In addition, the University of Glasgow offers a lot of day trips and weekend trips geared towards international students so that they can experience the best of Scotland. During orientation week, I had the option to go on a trip to Edinburgh, which was fantastic - though not quite as wonderful as Glasgow! Last weekend, I went on a trip with a friend of mine to Dundee, Stonehaven, and Aberdeen. At Stonehaven, we stopped at Dunnotar Castle, which is surrounded by absolutely stunning scenery that's unlike anything I've ever seen back in Michigan. 
Best of all, however, is the sense of independence I've gained and the knowledge that the world is so much bigger than I previously realized. I remember thinking that students who had studied abroad were exaggerating when they raved that the experience will "change your life." It does. I love the freedom to walk the City Centre if I'm in the mood for browsing the shops, plan day trips with my friends, and go beyond what I'm comfortable with. I've tried haggis, Irn Bru, and shortbread. The little differences - chip-and-pin machines, slang, the Glasgow rain - take a short bit of getting used to, but they made me realize that some elements of my day-to-day life that I take for granted are, in fact, distinctly American. My mind has become more open. 
All in all, if a student has the chance, they should most definitely study abroad. This has been one of the best experiences of my college career.
    Lindsay Weiss

Thanks to the Prentiss M. Brown Honors Program at Albion, I had the incredible opportunity to go abroad- in scenic Scotland, nonetheless! Having spent more than 3 months here I must say it's been more than an unforgettable experience; and it's only getting better- my trip across Europe starts with this semester's end on May 7th! In my time here I've made friends with locals, fellow American travelers, and other University students from all around the world. Once a week all the international students get together with the International Society for food, fun, and a night out on the town. Only at this time are students from all over the world together in one place and spending time with one another; it's not uncommon to talk globally about political differences or questions regarding one another's culture at large- a lot of playful finger-pointing at such events is welcomed. There are few instances in a person's life where one can feel so globally connected with such a culturally diverse group of people. I can't help but think that these are some of the memories that I will forever cherish in my heart. I can't wait to return to Albion, but I certainly am grateful for the opportunity of having such an experience.

   Andrew Zimmer '15