The Briton Path

The Briton Path

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Get an early start to using those critical college level strategies that will impact your academic success. You will take the initiative in developing useful habits, using campus resources, and meeting the people who can point you towards important guideposts along the way.

The Briton Path offers you a quick start to college level academics. In December you will look back on your first semester with wonder at how far you have come and how you have changed. The Briton Path can help smooth this ride.

Through the program activities, you will:

  • Develop college study habits early in the first semester, minimizing trial and error
  • Use Albion College's amazing resources for learning outside the classroom
  • Learn to use your time wisely so you can enjoy all the benefits of classes, social life, and campus activities

The Briton Path Includes:

  • Peer Academic Coaches
  • Group study sessions
  • Weekly review sessions for specific introductory level courses
  • Individualized study skills and learning style assessments
  • Weekly organization and planning sessions
  • Access to individualized guidance and consultation for campus issues from LSC staff


Each year the Office of Admissions selects a number of students who meet our program criterion. These are students whose scores (either GPA and/or SAT/ACT) are lower than those of students generally admitted to the college. For these students, the program is a requirement of their admission to Albion College.

The program components are opportunities to guide you towards the habits and skills of a successful college student. You can gain a head start that can be crucial for early success. Your commitment and engagement with the program will determine the success of your path.

  • Habits: Requirement of attending study group three evenings a week to ensure you get used to spending the necessary time learning outside the classroom.
  • Academic Coach: During your study group time you will meet with an older student. This student is a guide for your journey. The coach can be a role model, mentor, and a source of information on strategies and skills.
  • Weekly Group Review Sessions: Some introductory courses such as Psychology 101 and Philosophy 101 will have weekly review sessions with your peers, where you will learn new study methods as you increase retention of class material.

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