Transfer Profile: Steven Lebenbom, '16

Steven Lebenbom

What made you pick Albion College?

I chose Albion College because, at the time, I was looking for a school close to home that was also a quality academic school. I had already gone to a large university, and knew that I wanted a small liberal arts college where I could get the individual attention I needed to excel in college. Albion fit all these requirements.

So far, how is Albion different from your previous school?

Albion is different in that it is a much smaller institution. At Albion, I can always reach a teacher if I need them, which was not true at my other school. The smaller class size, the close-knit environment, and the fact that Albion challenges you to get the most out of your college years are a few of the ways in which Albion is different than my previous school.

What are you studying? What are you involved in?

I am studying sports administration. I'm working on gaining internship experiences off campus, such as the one I have with WJR 760 AM radio in Detroit. And of course studying abroad in Australia, which has been by far the best experience I have had in college.

What are you plans after graduating from Albion?

After graduation, I plan to go directly to graduate school to obtain my masters in sports administration, and after that start my career in the field.

What was the transfer process like for you?

I had no problems with the transfer process to transfer to Albion. The paperwork was easy enough. During the process, everyone in admissions, and the students we interacted with, were very friendly and informative. It was nice because it gave you a sense of the academic environment you were stepping into.

What's been the most pleasantly surprising thing you've seen at Albion?

I would say the way that the teachers interact with the students. Faculty always put the students needs first, above their own, and are always there if you need them. You can really tell that they care about their students, and that is something that some schools simply don't have.