ACM Botswana: University Immersion in Southern Africa

Subjects: Intensive courses in Setswana (the regional language) as well as African studies courses in the fields of social sciences and humanities

Prerequisites: This program is open to sophomores, juniors or seniors.

Length: Spring semester only

Credits: 4.0 Albion units

Housing: Graduate student dormitories.

Cost: Same as Albion College room and board fees. Additional expenses include transportation to the program, books, local travel and personal expenses.

Faculty Advisor: Emmanuel Yewah, Professor of French and Comparative Cultural Studies email:

Comments: At the University of Botswana students will take an intensive course in Setswana, the language spoken by 75% of the people in the region. There are no language prerequisites. In addition to the intensive language course students will be enrolled in an elective course in the social sciences or humanities and will also be enrolled in a course relative to the student's major. Both the elective course and the major-specific course will be focused on exploring the cultural, economic and ecological diversity as well as the historical and regional context of present-day Botswana. An independent study project will be completed by the student during their time abroad. The program offers many other activities and opportunities including a wide range of guest speakers and several field trips to other locations in Botswana.

Emily Gaul, Program Associate 
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