SIT- Durban, South Africa: Social and Political Transformation

Subjects: All students in the program will take an intensive study course in Xhosa (the local language), a seminar on multiculturalism and social change and a field study seminar. The student will also complete an independent study project.

Prerequisites: 2.7 GPA and at least Junior or Senior standing

Credits: 4.0 Albion units

Housing: A four week home-stay will be provided by the program, followed by three one-week home-stays at three different locations in South Africa.

Cost: Same as Albion College room and board fees. Additional expenses include transportation to the program, books, local travel and personal expenses.

Faculty Advisor: Emmanuel Yewah, Professor of French and Comparative Cultural Studies email:

Comments: This program is designed to introduce students to South Africa's immensely diverse culture. Students will be given the opportunity to compare the current cultural harmony among the 33 ethnic groups to South Africa's brutal history of colonialism, slavery and apartheid as well as explore questions and answers about the potential for positive social change.