Academic Camps 

academic camps

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Check out our upcoming summer 2017 academic camps:

  • Briton BioChem Camp

    June 19-22

    For High school students. Get your first taste (pun intended) of college chemistry and biochemistry with the Briton BioChem Camp! Briton Biochem Camp will focus on the biochemistry of the five the senses: Taste, Texture, Smell, Sight and Sound. We will start with chemistry that provides Ice Cream of just the right taste and texture. Next, we explore nature: budding Briton Biochemists will isolate and identify essential oils from plants, and then synthesize flavor and scent compounds to explore the relationship between chemical structure and biological activity. Then we will take advantage of sight to learn how biomolecules can be separated and purified for everything from vaccines to food additives. Finally, we will listen as chemical energy is turned into sound in a rather explosive manner.

    College credit offered. Cost of the camp is $799 and due by April 30th.


  • Camp Med

    June 26-29

    For rising Seniors, Camp Med is a medical school preparatory camp for rising high school seniors who are interested in pursuing a career in medicine. Student participants will have the opportunity to learn in hands-on environments, such as our anatomy and physiology labs, while working with Biology, Chemistry, Kinesiology, Physics, and Psychology faculty on cardiology-themed topics. Students will also take part in sessions on college and medical school admissions, with a focus on how they can better prepare themselves for a career in medicine. Participants will receive college credit for this four-day experiential learning camp on Albion College's campus.

    College credit offered. $799 due by February 1; $899 by April 30th.


  • Catching the Wave! The Physics of Music Camp

    June 26-30

    For High school students entering grades 10-12. In this week-long, hands-on workshop, students will explore the world of musical sound waves, and analyzing and understanding the acoustic reasons why music sounds the way it does. We'll use a number of different technological tools in experiments where students will create synthesized sounds, analyze the waveforms generated by musical instruments and the human voice, and get acquainted with principles of architectural acoustics. There will also be opportunities to use compositional and audio software to enhance your abilities to create your own music.

    Cost for attendance is $600 and due by Sunday, April 30.

  • LEGO Robotics Camp

    August 7-11

    For ages 10-14 years old. Build and program LEGO robots to think, move and react through a series of automation challenges. Kids use dedicated laptops and LEGO Mindstorms EV3 robotics kits to learn aspects of engineering, automation, problem-solving, and programming. LEGO robots remain at camp; pictures of robots and LEGO creations are sent home after camp. Space is limited.

    The cost of this program is $235.

  • Minecraft Camp

    August 7-11

    For ages 10-14 years old. Craft and program new ideas into Minecraft worlds through modding, server customization, circuitry, skins and textures. Kids will setup and customize mods, LAN servers, switches, circuits, and work with Redstone. Mods used in this camp will be saved on a complimentary USB drive to take home.

    The cost of this program is $235.

  • Nature Camps