Room Selection Timeline


 Feb. 10  Wednesday  Proposals for Munger Apartment Community Intellectually  Coherent LLCs due;sent to committee for review Feb 12  Everyone
 Feb. 19  Friday  Selection Committee Meets to Discuss Munger proposals  Committee
 Feb. 22  Monday  Notification of Acceptance for Munger Apartment Community   Munger Applicants
 Feb. 24  Wednesday  Lottery Number Emailed  Everyone
 Feb. 24  Wednesday  All Room Selection Applications Available Online  Everyone
 Feb. 26  Friday  Deadline to accept Munger appointment  Munger Applicants



 Mar. 4  Friday  Lottery Number Dispute Petitions                                              Due by 4 PM  Everyone (If  Applicable)
 Mar. 4  Friday  Dean Hall Applications                                                                Due by 4 PM  Sophomore - Senior  Women
 Mar. 4  Friday  Fiske House (I-Space) Special Interest Housing Application      Due by 4 PM  Fiske House Applicants 
 Mar. 7-11  Mon.-Fri.  Spring Break  Everyone
 Mar. 9  Wednesday  Lottery Number Dispute Petition Notifications Emailed  Everyone (If  Applicable)
 Mar. 14-  18  Mon.-Fri.  Dean Hall Interviews  Dean Hall Applicants
 Mar. 15  Tuesday  Special Housing Accommodation Petitions                                Due by 4 PM  If Applicable
 Mar. 15  Tuesday  Residency Exemption Petitions                                                  Due by 4 PM  If Applicable
 Mar. 18  Friday  Fiske House (I-Space) Notifications Emailed  Special Interest  Applicants
 Mar. 18  Friday  Special Housing Accommodation and Residency Exemption  Petitions Notifications emailed to students  If Applicable
 Mar. 21  Monday  Dean Hall Notifications Emailed  Dean Hall Applicants
 Mar. 24  Thursday  Room Selection Info Session:                                                    Wesley Hall @ 7-9 PM  Everyone
 Mar. 24  Thursday  Apartment/Ingham Applications                                                Due by 4 PM  Juniors & Seniors
 Mar. 25  Friday  Good Friday - Classes until 1 PM  Everyone
 Mar. 28  Monday  Apartment/Ingham Notifications Emailed  Apartment/Ingham  Applicants
 Mar. 30  Wednesday  Apartment/Ingham Selection Forum:                                        Upper Baldwin 5-6:30 PM  Apartment/Ingham  Awardees
 Mar. 31  Thursday  Suite Applications                                                                    Due by 4 PM Sophomore - Seniors



 Apr. 4  Monday  Suite Notifications Emailed  Suite Applicants
 Apr. 6  Wednesday  Suite Selection Forum:                                                                Norris 101 5-7 PM  Suite Awardees
 Apr. 7  Thursday  General Room Selection Applications                                        Due by 4 PM  Sophomore - Seniors
 Apr. 8  Friday  General Room Selection Notifications Emailed  General Room Selection  Applicants
 Apr. 11  Monday  General Room Selection Forum:                                                Norris 101 5-7 PM  If Necessary